The Seventh Rivers Awards Composition Competition
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2017 Shanghai Conservatory of Music (SHCM)

The Seventh Rivers Awards Composition Competition



I. General Provisions

The Rivers Awards Composition Competition aims to stimulate composers to creatively explore original musical works, promote extensive exchanges in musical compositions and introduce outstanding original musical works to the public.


II. Organization

Host: Shanghai Conservatory of Music

Organizer: The Composition Department of Shanghai Conservatory of Music

Jury: The Jury Panel will consist of notable international jurors, and experts and professors from Chinas prestigious music educational institutions.


III. Competition Requirements

1. The subject matter of the composition should be healthy and in accordance with the spirit of the times. The way of composing should be original and rich in artistic appeal.

2. The submitted composition should be chamber music of any genre or style composed in recent years that hasn’t been published officially or received any official prizes.

3. The compositions submitted for the competition must use one Chinese musical instrument with a string quartet, involving a total number of 5 performers.

The Chinese musical instruments allowed to be used in this competition include bamboo flute (both end- and side-blown bamboo flute), Sheng (24 or 36-pipe keyed soprano Sheng), Pipa, Ruan, Yangqin, Guzheng, Guqin and Huqin (including Gaohu, ErhuZhonghu and Banhu).

Electronic music compositions will not be accepted.

4. The duration of the composition should be no longer than 10 minutes and it should be clearly shown on the instrumentation page.

5. The competition is open to applicants of all nationalities under the age of 40 (born on or after January 1st, 1977).

6. Each participant can only submit one composition created on his or her own. He/she should also provide a tidy and clear score. The composition should be submitted anonymously without any signs or marks unrelated to the composition itself. Where there is a violence of this rule, the participant will be disqualified. 

7. Materials required for the  competition include: a) 2 copies of the score; b) registration form correctly completed and signed by the participant; c) C.V. or resume of the participant and an introduction to the composition (neither should be longer than 200 words); d) 2 recently-taken photos (2" x 2") of the same version; and e) a copy of the participant’s valid ID card or passport with his/her photo, which bears date of his/her birth.

8. All the materials required must be submitted in person or by mail before 5:00 p.m., Wednesday, November 1st, 2017 (subject to the postmark of Shanghai Post). Participants who have any

 questions or want to make any enquiries may contact the Organizing Committee.

9. Any composition that doesn’t meet the above requirements will be disqualified (Members of the Jury Panel and the Organizing Committee are not allowed to take part in the competition). All materials submitted will be kept on file by the Host and will not be returned).

Contact Information for Enquiry and Registration

Organizing Committee of 2017 the Seventh Rivers Awards Composition Competition

Composition Department, Shanghai Conservatory of Music

Address: 20 Fen Yang Rd., Shanghai, People’s Republic of China

Postal Code: 200031

Tel: 008621-64314220

Fax: 008621-64314220


Contact person: Zhang Xinyu, Lian Zicheng


IV. Procedure of Selection

1. To ensure fairness of the competition, all the composition works must be numbered and sealed up.

2. The competition will be made up of two rounds. The first round will be based on the submitted scores and nine finalists will be selected. The nine finalists will be judged by means of a Final Live Concert, where the award-winning compositions will be selected and announced (in the light of the seriousness and authoritativeness of the competition, one or more of the awards will be left vacant if no compositions meet the criteria).

3. The awards for the competition are categorized as follows:

Composition Awards  (RMB yuan)

1 winner of the First Prize  20,000

2 winners of the Second Prize 15,000

3 winners of the Third Prize 10,000

3 winners of the Finalist Prize


(All of the above awards are before tax.)


V. Time and Venue of the Final Live Concert and Awards Ceremony

Time: 7:15 p.m., Monday, December 4th, 2017


Venue: He Luting Concert Hall, Shanghai Conservatory of Music


VI. Other Terms

1. Relevant rights:

1) The award winner holds the copyright of the winning composition.

2) The award winner must agree to grant the following rights for free to the Host:

a. The Host has the right to use the score, audio and video, or any other forms of audio-visual products of the award-winning compositions for non-commercial purposes.

b. The Host has the right to give the premiere of the award-winning compositions and the priority right to publish and give performances of the winning compositions after the competition.

3) The following text must be shown on the title page of the award-winning compositions and in all concert programs whenever or wherever these compositions are performed:

In Chinese: 本作品为2017上海音乐学院第届[百川奖]作曲比赛获奖作品

In English: An award-winning composition of 2017 SHCM the Seventh Rivers Awards Composition Competition

2. The decision made by the Panel for the competition results shall be held as final.

3. The Host reserves the right to make necessary amendments to the above provisions without notifying the participants in advance.

4. The right of interpretation of the above provisions is vested to the Organizing Committee.




Organizing Committee of 2017 SHCM

The Seventh Rivers Awards Composition Competition

March 2017